Quality & Compliance

Innovation RCM’s core principles emphasize an unyielding dedication to providing the utmost excellence in our work. We implement an infallible RCM process that ensures unparalleled outcomes with no mistakes.

Our team performs regular audits and holds weekly review assessments to keep our staff informed about the procedures and industry nuances.
Our efficiency evaluation system allows us to monitor each individual’s quality of performance, detect quality lapses early on, and apply appropriate measures.

Our Compliance Plan

  • Limited physical access to workstations.
  • Allocation of a unique username and password to each team member to prevent unauthorized entry into our network
  • All employees are required to sign an NDA during their onboarding process, which includes a provision prohibiting the disclosure of PHI (Protected Health Information)
  • Innovation RCM’s experts utilize secure VPN tunnels to minimize the risk of data theft.
  • Faxes, insurance correspondences, and printed materials are securely stored in locked cabinets.
  • Cameras and devices capable of digitally copying and transferring data are prohibited at our workstations.
  • Redundant forms and documents containing PHI are meticulously shredded.
  • Daily data backup is conducted to prevent data loss and ensure business continuity.

HIPAA/Information Security

As a globally reputable medical billing company, Innovation RCM acknowledges the importance and
repercussions of HIPAA and ensures full adherence to HIPAA regulations by establishing rigorous
policy documentation. Our information and compliance initiatives are dedicated to safeguarding
every aspect of PHI.

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